Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ummm .... OK then ...

OK ... so "T" is apparently NOT spam. "T" reads this blog and decided the best way to contact me was to search out a personal email NOT listed on this blog. Internet lesson learned by me. As for "T" - using the comment function would have sufficed doncha think?


Anonymous said...

Jesus calm down.

You know what... [CTRL]+Z, undo, whatever. What a terrible thing I said... I'm soooo sorry.

Perhaps you could post a list of the protocols involved in paying you a compliment.

Skin deep indeed.

raye said...

Me + compliments = not a good situation. Me + anonymous compliments = freaking me out.


Anonymous said...

Then I guess you can relax now. Sorry to have caused you so much drama. I honestly just thought it would make you smile. Circumstances being what they are, I couldn't possibly let you know who I am. It would be bad.

I'm not building a shrine to you or going to boil your rabbit. I'm just a guy with a crush who now feels like the biggest creep for telling a girl he thinks she's beautiful.

I can't believe I have to apologize for that.

raye said...

OK here's the deal...

If you had left your lovely message as a comment I would have totally smiled. Yay! Wonderful thoughts of me! What could be better?! Secret admirers rule!

But when those thoughts end up in my inbox and I have no idea how, where or what connects you to my personal contact info well, that is kinda scary. Hence the harshness.

I appreciate the sentiments. Really. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you know me, I didn't think how you'd perceive it. My bad. Let's start again:

You're stunning.

That's all. :)

one of the McTs said...

Now I know why I love you so much! You have such an acerbic tongue - must come from Grandma right? *wink* Love you and yes your stunning and I'm not saying that just because I'm your aunt
Aunty A.. xo :)

Stuffinghead said...

Oooooooohhh... A mystery.... I'm intrigued.

"T", you should absolutely have a crush on Raye. She is not only a lovely person and a witty writer, she is also obviously very humble (as evidenced by her inability to accept a compliment).

;) Stephanie

Nat said...

Even very nice boys can sometimes be a tad clueless about what sorts of things can scare the bejesus out of us gals.

That said, I think it's cute that Raye has a secret admirer, especially now that he seems so very sane and un-scary.

Cathy said...

Obviously, I'm a little late to this drama, but I just needed to comment on it because I find it so fascinating.

I don't think Raye thought T was a pervert, full stop.

I have a theory and it may be way off, but let's just explore it because it's probably similar to how I would feel...

Get an email that says something impossibly nice.

Feel like a loser immediately because, come ON, who would possibly send something like that to ME. It MUST be a joke, one rationalizes.

And what a horrible joke? What could they possibly be hoping to gain from this?

They're probably hoping that I'd think it was real so that I'd talk about it to my friends and they could laugh at me secretly (or publicly)... OR that this is some sort of scam and I'm supposed to respond to them and they're going to ask me for money for their sick uncle... and then how dumb would I feel for believing that someone actually had a secret crush on me?

This may sound a little convoluted. But it's not so far fetched. I suspect many women's minds would think this way as some of us are not the most confident people in the world.

I'm really proud of T for actually doing that. Although, I would like to ask him: what would have happened if you'd just come out and told her as yourself?

I think it might have gone over a lot better, is all I'm saying.