Thursday, August 31, 2006

How Cruel

You know, junk mail is a reality these days. It is pointless to hide from the onslaught of useless messages designed to clog your inbox and make you feel like un uneducated pervert. And then there are the virus messages waiting to release evil into your machine. I don't always catch those because I know (of) SO many random people in the world that anyone may be trying to contact me. But tonight I got this message and it is the worst. Why would somebody send you something like this? I can't wait to see what my next virus check reveals.


You won't know me from this email address but I just had to confess that I find you impossibly sexy.

I have had a huge crush on you for the longest time.

You are really beautiful and I thought someone should tell you.

That's it. I just had to get it out.


Then again, I don't get many (ANY?) anonymous love letters so maybe it isn't so bad. Has anyone else been loved from afar by T?

1 comment:

one of the McTs said...

Wow..does umm *T* have a brother? lol.. Aunty A